Maintenance of Finnian

This week we had two “maintenance” appointments for Finn: one with the ENT to check the status of the tubes he had put in his ears about a year and a half ago, and the other, today, with a pediatric opthamologist for a regular annual checkup of the ol’ peepers.

I have been suspecting lately that Finn’s tubes have come out, because he’s starting to have one cold after another, like he did before he got tubes, and which getting tubes largely did away with.  He just finished a round of antibiotics for an ear infection before Christmas, and here he is again, congested and snotty.  So the visit to the ENT was actually timed very well.  No ear infection this time, but he does have a sinus infection.  Also, it appears that one of his tubes is gone.  The other is still there, but undetermined if it’s still functioning or not.  So Finn is on another round of antibiotics (the ENT prefers Augmentin over Amoxicillan; “Amoxicillan no good!” he says sharply), and I have to say that after just two doses, he already is showing vast improvement.  It also looks like he’ll be getting more tubes put in before too terribly long.

Today’s appointment with the opthamologist was looooong.  A lot of waiting.  Waiting to be seen initially, then more waiting for the eye drops to dilate his pupils.  His vision appears to be fine at this point.  However, the doctor did note that the optic nerve in his left eye appears to be smaller than normal.  This is not new; the first pediatric opthamologist Finn saw at seven months old noted the same thing (see here).  The doctor today, however, (a different doctor; the old guy retired) is requesting a referral to an endocrinologist, and she mentioned a possible brain MRI!  A brain MRI?  This was alarming!  She said that oftentimes, a smaller-than-normal optic nerve is related to pituitary abnormalities.

I’m not going to let myself get all worked up about this.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and take it from there.

We are still waiting to get a solid date for his sedated echo which will reveal, once and for all, the status of the ASD he was born with.  It’s been rescheduled more times than I can count now, which is frustrating.  As of now, we do not have a date.

Finn is oblivious to all of this.  Ears?  Eyes?  Heart?  Whatever!  He’s just busy tearing up the joint.  And I have to say that I’ve never been more sure that we did the right thing in quitting therapy.  He’s making gains by leaps and bounds, and it’s a sight to behold.

One Comment on “Maintenance of Finnian”

  1. Stephanie
    January 19, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    what is it with ophthalmologists? I always have to wait an insane amount of time when we visit them as well. I think seeing an endocronlogist is a good call. If something is seen as being abnormal (i’d guess she’d look at lab work, etc) then you can move on to the MRI.

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