Things That Make You Go “Hmmm . . .”


One of the . . . hazards? . . . of Joey being addicted to the MLB (Major League Baseball) channel is his pretty-much daily exposure to commercials aimed at an older male demographic.  Commercials for things like beer.  And Viagra.

I was folding laundry a little while ago as he was watching the MLB channel (Spring training, you know), and a commercial for one of those meds came on.  Viagra?  Cialis?  Levitra?  I don’t know which one.  Realizing and accepting that my eight-year-old son has already been exposed to these commercials hundreds of times, I decided to just play it cool and pretend I couldn’t hear it.  I don’t think he has any idea what any of it means.  Still, when the commercial got to the part where the announcer says, “Tell your doctor immediately if you have an erection that lasts more than four hours . . .” I had to stifle a snicker (which, had Michael been in the room, would have been an all-out snorting guffaw followed by hilarious jokes about four-hour-erections), and Joey gave me a questioning glance.  Hmmm.

Knowing Joey the way I do, and the way he absorbs information like a little sponge and then regurgitates random things spontaneously, I keep waiting for him to say something like, “You know, Dad, now that you’re getting older, you should talk to your doctor about E.D.”

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