The Waiting Game

An uneventful day as far as newsworthy developments.  I don’t even have any new catastrophes to report!  I guess the gods are smiling on us for the time being.

Michael is recovering at the pace he’s supposed to be recovering at, which feels very slow to us and I’m sure to him.  It’s really hard just waiting . . . waiting for him to be well enough to come home.  And it’s made even harder by the fact that for now I have to stay away because of my being sick.  And I rarely get sick!  The timing is just stupendous, no?

Daisy and Annabelle’s teacher, who was also Joey’s first-grade teacher, and who has also become a true friend, took the five older kids to the hospital to see Dad today.  (And she took them to the bookstore – and bought them books – and then out for ice cream!  It’s crazy how good she is to us.)  I know Michael was thrilled to see his beloved spawn, but apparently was only up for a short visit with them.  He’s still got pain and is easily tired.  And goodness knows those kids can wear a person out!

Anyway, I think the visit was good and bad.  I really can’t say how Michael is feeling about it, but I suspect it might have made him miss home even more.  Lilah and Daisy were apparently pretty freaked out seeing Daddy in his current condition, although by the time they got home, Lilah was fine.  Daisy, on the other hand, she is having a really tough time with all of this, and the visit may have made things worse for her.  Ever since Michael went into the hospital, she’s been mopey and very clingy, following me around like a shadow, needing constant hugs and reassurance, and breaking into spontaneous tears.  It’s hard to make a very sensitive, emotional six-year-old understand that Daddy will come home, that we just have to be patient and wait for the doctors to help him get better.

The other kids are doing surprisingly well.  Kevin has been a huge help, and he and Joey have been getting along famously, which I love to see.  There have been the usual skirmishes among all the kids, but for the most part there is a feeling of pulling together.

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