What a Difference Two Years and a Battle With Cancer Makes

February, 2009 - shortly after his cancer diagnosis

April, 2011

I don’t want to belabor the whole cancer thing, because we’ve been trying so hard for almost a year and a half now to put it all behind us and get on with our life, but it has a way of biting you in the ass even after you’ve left (or tried to) the ordeal behind you.  Like an earthquake, cancer tends to send out aftershocks, and we’ve had a few – this latest one being the most intense.

I was really struck by how gaunt Michael looked when he came home from the hospital a few days ago (he’s looking better day by day, by the way), and the difference that has been made in the last two years.  If one is inclined to see silver linings, clearly he is at a much healthier weight now, and has adopted a healthier lifestyle.  Which is good, because I plan on keeping him around for a while.

2 Comments on “What a Difference Two Years and a Battle With Cancer Makes”

  1. starrlife
    April 21, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    I’m so happy for you that he’s home and recovering! I’m away so haven’t commented much but you are certainly entitled to let down after holding it together under such tremendous stress. I’m hoping for a nice long hiatus from health problems.

  2. Alyson
    April 22, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    Well while cancer is obviously the wors way to lose weight and get healthy, I have to say Michael looks pretty damn hot:)

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