And So Ends My Stint As a Little League Team Mom

Wow, I can hardly believe how quickly the last three months have flown by!

Annabelle and Daisy’s venture into t-ball was, all in all, a lot of fun.

This ragtag team of three- to six-year-olds (yes, we actually had two three-year-olds on the team) played sixteen games, the final one being last weekend, the day before Annabelle broke her wrist (very considerate of her, I’d say).

As for my tenure as a Team Mom, I’m glad I did it.  With three kids in Little League, Michael coaching both Joey’s team and the girls’ team, and my being Team Mom, it sure feels like we are a Little League family.  It has been nice to get involved rather than being just a spectator.  It wasn’t too much work: put together a snack schedule, organize a couple of team parties, hand out fundraiser materials to the team families and collect and turn in funds from said fundraisers, put together a team yearbook page, get gifts for the coaches at season’s end, and send out lots of reminder emails to team families!  My least favorite part was hitting people up for money – not something I can muster a lot of enthusiasm for even for a good cause when I so dislike being hit up for money everywhere I turn.  The families on our team were nice enough, but not a super cohesive group.  Sitting in the stands with the parents of Joey’s single-A team, I notice a definite difference.  Not sure if it’s because t-ball families are generally just starting out in Little League whereas the single-A families have been sitting in the stands cheering together for a couple of years already, or what.  Anyway, I would take on Team Mom duties again.

Today Michael and I hosted a joint team end of season shindig for both the girls’ team and Joey’s team.

The slide was supposed to be a water slide, but turned out to be a dry slide (my mistake).  All’s well that ends well, though, because the weather was not exactly water slide weather.  The food was potluck, so it wasn’t very much work at all.  Everyone had a super good time!

Coaches’ gifts were given out –

Okay, imagine getting thirteen three- to six-year-olds to sign their names to four mattes.  I’ll just say that jelly beans were involved and leave it at that.

Trophies were handed out –

And so ends the season for t-ball.  Regular games for Joey are over, too, but his team now goes into tournament games for the next week, and on Closing Day in two weeks, Michael and I will be playing in the adult co-ed softball tournament.

I’m actually feeling a little sad that the season is drawing to a close and am already looking forward to next season!

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