A Week Later

After a week on the east coast (during which he redeemed himself for the first few days of no contact by then calling three days in a row and even asking to talk to his brother), Kevin arrived home late last night.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit how giddy I was when Michael went to pick him up around 11:00.  When he came in, he was all smiles and seemed a little taller, though I’m sure he didn’t actually grow any noticeable amount in a week’s time.  He was starving since he hadn’t eaten anything but airline peanuts since lunchtime, so I fed him reheated pizza while he regaled me and his dad with the highlights of his trip (his favorites of all the places he visited were New York and Gettysburg).  He said to us, very earnestly, “Thank you for sending me.”  That made everything worth it – just knowing that he valued the experience.

This morning after breakfast he gathered everyone in the living room and made a big production of presenting everyone with souvenirs he had brought back for each of us.  Nothing extravagant, but I thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of him to spend a good chunk of his spending money on us and bring back little pieces of his trip for everyone.

I was worried that he would be a beast today, as he has a habit of coming home from overnights in a terrible mood, as if being away even for a night makes home seem mundane and unappealing, but he seemed to be glad to be home and spent a good part of the day playing outside with his sibs, and even taking Joey on a picnic (they do that sometimes).

So, I’m glad to have my boy home, and also glad that he had such a memorable experience getting a little taste of the big world out there.

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