Finn’s Transition to School District – Part VI

No IEP in today’s mail.  Michael called the school district again.  Program Coordinator not in today.  He was able to track down someone else who told him that Finn’s IEP went out in today’s mail via certified mail.  Nobody will be here to sign for it tomorrow.  Nice.

I still don’t understand.  They were in such a rush to conduct the IEP meeting, and somehow were able to organize it, with a half-dozen people in attendance (minus us), but nobody got around to dropping the paperwork in the mail until today – a week later?  Paperwork that had to have already been drafted and sitting there on the table at the IEP meeting.

Talked to a special ed attorney today.  The thing about hiring a special ed attorney is it costs money, and we’re not exactly rolling in dough.  Michael was able to talk to him on the phone for about twenty minutes, though, and the guy said that in actuality, it’s not just that they’re supposed to conduct the IEP meeting by the child’s third birthday, they are supposed to “make an offer of services” by the child’s third birthday.  An offer of services, in this case, is the written, proposed IEP.  So the fact that they held the IEP meeting before Finn’s third birthday didn’t do a whole lot to cover the school district’s ass since they still, a week after his third birthday, have not gotten the written, proposed IEP to us.

But it all boils down to damages.  Do we have any actual damages?  If so, what are they?  Like this attorney said, the school district can make a thousand procedural screw-ups, but if, in the end, the child is not harmed, then it’s kind of moot.  So we can’t make a determination until we see the IEP they are proposing for Finn.  Which, did I mention, we have not yet received?

I am lately having fantasies of Michael changing his professional focus to special education.  We could open our own law practice.  I could dust off my old paralegal skills.  I never thought I’d want to be involved in the legal field again, but if it were something I was personally passionate about . . .

And Finn could work there one day!

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