Take Back the Holidays!

A little late to the party here, as I guess this is somewhat old news, but what the hell is up with stores beginning their Black Friday sales ON Thanksgiving this year?  Have we lost our collective minds?  Is any shopping deal really worth stealing time that should be spent with family?

I understand the economy sucks and businesses are doing what they can to increase their bottom lines, but we, the consumers, are suckers for feeling grateful for this favor, this opportunity to shop early.  The real receivers of the favor are big business!  Nothing wrong with trying to make a buck, but I think this is going too far.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

And what about the store employees who are being required to go to work on Thanksgiving night (Target will open at midnight on Thanksgiving, and Toys R Us opens at 9:00 pm on Thanksgiving!)?  To those of you saying they should just be grateful to have a job in this economy, I say “That’s really easy to say if you’re not the one being asked to go to work on what is traditionally a family holiday!”  Besides, one can be grateful to have a job and still rightfully expect boundaries to be respected.  Do you realize what going to work at 9:00 p.m. or midnight means?  It means these poor people will likely have to try to sleep during actual Thanksgiving day in order to pull an all-nighter.  Which means they won’t be spending a lot of QT with their families.  And this is okay?

Let’s take back the holidays.  Family should come first.  And it’s we, the consumers, who can change this trend by refusing to shop on holidays that should belong to loved ones.

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One Comment on “Take Back the Holidays!”

  1. Meriah
    November 23, 2011 at 6:41 am #

    Amen, sister!
    PS that photo is pure delight

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