Down Syndrome In Writing

Like The Shape of the EyeThe Politics of Down Syndrome examines how Down syndrome has been treated by the medical profession and society historically, and how our attitudes today are still very much shaped by old prejudices and outdated ideas about Down syndrome.  While the author has a young daughter who has Down syndrome and he does say in the book that having her has definitely influenced his own evolving views, this is not a memoir.  It’s more a sociological study . . . .

Read the rest of my review here for a chance to get your hands on a copy of this book.

Also, check this out: On Prenatal Screenings, Down Syndrome, and Being Pro-Choice was picked up by Yahoo! Voices.  Please share it!

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One Comment on “Down Syndrome In Writing”

  1. meriah
    December 10, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    My copy from Kieran is waiting to be read – I only JUST finished George’s book and am now sitting here, wondering how to write the review – it’s so good that I’m scared of doing it an injustice.

    Congratulations on getting picked up! Wonderful!

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