I Have a New Love: Ballet

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to go to a real ballet.  Finally this past December, it happened: a friend and I took the three girls to see The Nutcracker Ballet.

It was more than I had hoped for . . . absolutely magical.  Enchanting.      There’s just something about it . . . the absolute beauty and grace and fluidity of the dancers, and knowing how hard they work to achieve this, but how completely effortless they make it look.  And the sets, and the costumes – breathtaking.  I was hooked from the moment the curtain rose.  And I couldn’t wait to go to another ballet.

So as soon as we found another ballet company performing locally, we bought tickets, and today was the show.  It’s so much fun to get dressed up and take the girls out for a special day!

Today we saw the Moscow Festival Ballet dance Cinderella.


It was amazing, and over too quickly.  I really can’t wait to go to another ballet.

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