Breastfeeding and Down Syndrome

This is a subject near and dear to me.  I’m passionate about breastfeeding to begin with, having started out my career in motherhood as a gal who was somewhat wishy-washy about breastfeeding – I knew I wanted to try it, but couldn’t imagine I’d do it for more than a couple of months because any longer would be, well, just weird, and anyway, I had to go back to work, and everyone knows you can’t keep breastfeeding once you go back to work.  Yeah, well, I had no idea how much it would end up meaning to me and my babes, or the lengths I would go to in order to keep them all in breast milk in each of their turns.

So when Finn came along, suddenly I was thrown into a whole different ballgame – in many ways, including breastfeeding.

My friend Sandra over at Down Syndrome New Mama, knowing the hurdles Finn and I faced and ultimately overcame with regard to breastfeeding, asked me to share our breastfeeding story with her readers – mostly new and expectant mothers of babies with Down syndrome.  It’s not a lecture intended to push a breastfeeding agenda, but rather a personal story that hopefully will provide some hope and encouragement to moms out there who want to breastfeed their babies who have Down syndrome but who may think they can’t and/or may face some of the same challenges Finn and I faced (many of them are common).

Tomorrow will feature Part I of this breastfeeding series, featuring moi as guest blogger, which tells Finn’s and my story in a nutshell.  Next week Part II will run, which will provide some practical tips and advice relating to challenges that are often faced by nursing mothers of babies with Ds.

Please tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) to Down Syndrome New Mama, and pass it along!


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