32 Weeks

Thirty two and a half to be exact.  Time keeps slipping through my fingers, as much as I’d like it all to just slow down a bit.  Now that I’m on the last leg of this adventure, I’ll no doubt be posting more updates, if for no other reason than to document it all for posterity.

My midwife came to see me today, and now we begin prenatal visits every two weeks, until, I believe, 36 weeks, at which point our visits will be weekly for the duration.  Only a few more weeks before she brings the birth pool over to have on hand; only a few more weeks until Michael and I will need to rearrange our bedroom to make room first for the birth pool, and then a changing table and cradle.  Holy shit.  It blows my mind when I think about the fact that within just a few weeks – less time than it’s been since my ultrasound when we learned we’ll be adding another girl to the mix, which seems like yesterday – I’ll be holding this little bundle in my arms.  And then I wax teary and emotional, imagining her entrance into the world and into our family, our eyes meeting for the first time, feeling her weight and warmth against my body rather than inside . . .  What will she look like?  Dark wavy wisps of hair and dark eyes like Joey, the twins, and Lilah?  Or blonde and fair like Kevin and Finn?  Or something altogether different?  What I do know is that I will look into her eyes and know that I know her already.

Everything is looking good.  I’ve gained 28 pounds, and although people are starting to comment that I must be due any time now, I’m measuring right on target.  The comments, I confess, have made me a little nervous, as I started measuring ahead of dates right around this point with Finn.  I developed polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) – to the point that at 38 weeks I measured 44 cm, just 2 cm shy of what I measured full term with the twins.  The condition was caused by Finn’s intestinal malformation, caused by Down syndrome, neither of which we knew about until after his birth.  I’m not afraid of Down syndrome.  But the thought of having another baby who might need almost immediate surgery and hospitalization?  Yeah, that puts me in a cold sweat.  All that to say that I was very relieved today to learn that I’m measuring right on target.

My blood pressure – are you ready? – was 112/50 (!!!).  This is EXCELLENT news.  My blood pressure, which was the biggest concern in the beginning of this pregnancy, has remained stable and excellent for months now.  Phew!

This little girl is very active!  She’s all over the place.  The kids love putting their hands on my belly and feeling her kick and punch and roll – and hiccup!  Her level of activity reminds me very much of Annabelle in utero (yes, I was able to differentiate between her and Daisy in there; Annabelle was always very active, while Daisy was quieter).  Oy.  I hope this doesn’t foretell another evil genius.

I am feeling really good.  Tired, yes, more and more so, and the aches and pains of later pregnancy are making themselves at home.  But all in all – especially in light of how sure I was in the beginning that there was no way this could go well – I feel really good.  Way better than it seems I should be feeling for a chick in her mid-forties pregnant for the sixth time.  I, honestly, am incredibly grateful that I am feeling well and that this has been a smooth, uneventful pregnancy.

So, time marches on, the weeks continue to fly by, and although I am eager to meet this newest little person, I’m in no rush to be done being pregnant.  Soon enough, soon enough.


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