Adios, Sweeties!

Today the older kids went back to school.


I’d like to write that I shed a few tears and wrung my hands at the quiet emptiness of a house with only two tots at home, and I half expected that I would actually do just that given my sentimentality of late just anticipating the kids going back to school.  But it would be a big fat lie.  The truth is, I felt a certain glee after I saw them all safely to school and returned home.

Here’s what I didn’t do for about six hours today:

I didn’t break up any fights.

I didn’t listen to any tattling.

I didn’t say, “Stop tattling.”

I didn’t say, “Stop whining.”

I didn’t fetch endless snacks.

I didn’t say, “No, you may not have another snack.”

I didn’t say, “Clean that up!”

I didn’t say, “Turn that off!”

I didn’t chase anyone outside to play.

I didn’t lock the door to keep anyone outside.

I didn’t say, “Get off the baby.”

I didn’t say, “Quiet down, the baby is asleep.”

I didn’t say, “Put that down!”

I didn’t say, “Get that out of your nose!”

I didn’t say, “Get that out of your sister’s nose!”

Here’s what I did do:

I reveled in the peace and quiet.  I basked in it.  If peaceandquiet were a tangible thing, I could have rolled around naked in it.

I mopped the kitchen floor.  Without having to shoo anyone out of the kitchen repeatedly.  (Finn was happily ensconced in front of Nick Jr.  Sue me.)

I caught up on emails.

I gave Scarlett a bath.

I got dinner put together so that I would only have to throw it in the oven later (it’s only taken me ten years of stay-at-home-motherhood to figure out this trick to possibly make my life just a little less stressful in the afternoons).

I played Stack the Blocks and Knock ‘Em Down with Finn.

As you can see, nothing terribly exciting.  But it was peaceful.

See, here’s the thing: it’s good to have time away from my kids.  It’s good for them and good for me.  I get to refuel and get a grip back on my sanity, and I get to miss them.  They get to get away from Cranky Yelling Woman Who Won’t Do Our Constant Bidding.

It’s win-win.



3 Comments on “Adios, Sweeties!”

  1. Heather
    August 28, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    I loved it as well. I still had some fighting because first grade doesn’t start until tomorrow. But tomorrow it’s just me and Mia. I haven’t had that for 14 years and I can’t wait!

  2. P
    August 28, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Lock them outside lol; sue me lol!! Great and post those dinner ideas. Shoot am I 10 years here too, mostly at home oh my.

  3. K_Whitbread
    August 29, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    hahaha… really DO have a white picket fence! Love the picture–great post.

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