Published Articles

Here are some things I’ve written that were published elsewhere.  Yay me!

Coming Clean: Dirty Confessions From a Mom

The Princess and the Hotdog Bun: A Short Story About Choosing Your Battles

Sleep Dust: a Little Mommy Magic

A Mother’s Body

What is “Normal”?

Open Letter to Parents Facing a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Parenting Isn’t For the Fainthearted

Slow Suicide

Life As a Happiness Project

Blindsided: Navigating a Post-Cancer Life

Retarded: Breaking It Down

What It’s Like

On Prenatal Screenings, Down Syndrome, and Being Pro-Choice

Down Syndrome, Family, and Belonging: A Review of The Shape of the Eye

A Bruised Heart

One Comment on “Published Articles”

  1. Anna
    February 10, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Look at this growing list! Very cool indeed.

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