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Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I’ve got nothing very worthwhile currently brewing in the ol’ noggin (the mystery pain in my side is completely gone; many thanks to everyone who expressed concern and offered ideas about what it might have been), so allow me to amuse you with puppy tidbits.

Scout (or Scoutimus, as we sometimes call her . . . or Rowdy Scouty . . .) has now tripled her weight in the seven weeks we’ve had her.  When we brought her home, she was just over 8 pounds; today at the vet’s office she tipped the scales at 24 and a half pounds.  She’s nearly as big as Finn now (he weighs about 26 pounds).

Ahh, they grow up so quickly, those young ‘uns, don’t they?

She’s affectionate and playful and seems to dig us as much as we dig her.  She’s also pretty darn smart – she’s catching onto basic commands pretty quickly – although stubborn, too.

We don’t quite have the housebreaking thing behind us, but progress is being made.  At least some days I think so.  Other days, not so much.  I’m looking forward to the time when it suddenly clicks for her that “Thou shalt not piddle or take a dumpeth in thy house.”

Anyway, she’s great 🙂

Dog Days

Our little girl is growing up!

We’ve had her for just over two weeks, and in that time she’s doubled her weight – from 8 lbs. to 16 lbs.!  Holy moly.  She’s sweet, playful, very affectionate, and pretty smart, too (within two or three days she was answering to her name).  I hate to belabor the mistake of Twinkle, but “She’s so much better than Twinkle” is an oft heard refrain around here, even by the kids.

We’re still working on house breaking, and although there has been progress, a stumbling block seems to be that she’s had some kind of intestinal issue since we got her.  We’re still trying to get to the bottom of that.  What do you do when you pay a shitload of money for a dog from a reputable breeder, and then get conflicting advice from the breeder and your reputable veterinarian as to what’s causing her chronic diarrhea and how to treat it?  Unfortunately, she was only covered by a five-day health guarantee by the breeder, and we’ve had to shell out a pretty penny to the veterinarian trying to treat this problem (Scout’s now on her third med for it).  Despite this, she doesn’t seem sick; she has a great appetite and is very playful and energetic.

In any event, this is a lifesaver:

Bissel Pawsitively Clean Compact
Deep Cleaner

Seriously, I’m in love with this thing only slightly less than I’m in love with our new pup.

We’re mad about Scout!  (Shhhhhh . . . I’m vying for another one!)

Meet Scout.

The newest member of our family is a gorgeous eight-week old female Chocolate Lab.

We’ve been shopping for a dog ever since we parted company with Twinkle a few weeks ago, and quickly decided a Labrador Retriever would be our best bet based on their well-known temperament and reputation for being excellent family dogs.  We finally found an established breeder who we really liked, and Michael and I spent over an hour at her kennel today trying to decide which pup should come home with us.  It wasn’t an easy decision!  It was between three females from the same litter; one was larger than the other two and clearly dominant, one was the smallest and rather shy and reserved, and one was right in the middle in both size and temperament.  We went with middle sister.

She’s a heartbreaker!

The next dilemma was deciding on a name.  Some of the contenders:

  • Mocha
  • Pudding
  • Cocoa
  • Charm
  • Chocolate Flower
  • Bella
  • Marshmallow

(You can tell the girls had plenty of suggestions.)

  • Lulu
  • Cricket
  • Fiona

Michael actually suggested Moonshine, Bootleg, and Whiskey, I kid you not.  He forgot Contraband and Booze.

We settled on Scout by a majority vote (at least one person who shall remain nameless dissolved into loud sobbing at this name being chosen; I figure she’ll be over it by morning.  One can only hope.)

So there you go.  Our family just keeps growing and growing!