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A Boy and His Dog

Siblings and Activism


Tomorrow evening, January 20, Kevin will be taking part in a radio interview concerning his experiences and perspective having a sibling with special needs.  I hope anyone reading this will tune in and listen to what he has to say.  The show can be heard live beginning at 7:00 p.m. PST by going to choicesradio.com.

The host of the show, Teen Talk, is Nicole O’Dell, a woman I got to know when I was active on a large families message board on pregnancy.org.  At the time that she and I became acquainted, I was pregnant with Finn, and she was pregnant with triplets.  She, as well as many other women from pregnancy.org, witnessed the online account of Finn’s birth and the aftermath, during which we found out he has Down syndrome.  Over time, my involvement on pregnancy.org evaporated as blogging and Facebook gradually replaced message boards for me, but several moms I got to know through pregnancy.org have continued to follow me and Finn through Facebook and blogging.  It always gives me the warm fuzzies when I realize that any of those women still take an interest in my family and how Finn has changed us all.  Nicole is one of those women, and here’s what she wrote about our family on her website concerning tomorrow’s show: The R-Word.

Nicole is a busy mom of six herself (including the triplets, who are now two years old), as well as being a YA author and a radio talk show host.  She had Kevin on her program one other time several months ago during a segment on bullying, so this will be Kevin’s second time participating in her radio show.

Kevin has always been outspoken about his feelings towards Finn and how Finn has impacted him and our family.  I hope you’ll tune in to the show tomorrow evening!  If you miss it, the podcast will be available for download Friday morning.