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Making Babies

And now I will bore you with a pregnancy report:

My midwife came over this morning for my monthly prenatal checkup, and everything is looking good. I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat with the fetoscope for the first time (I was never able to pick it up on the fetoscope during my last pregnancy) and it was pretty awesome. It just sounded truer somehow – not amplified or distorted like on the doppler.

The best news is that my blood pressure is looking really good these days. It’s been probably the biggest concern, as even with the bp med my doc switched me to when I found out I was pregnant, it was still hovering around 140/70.  I’ve been taking some supplements for a few weeks now, however, and it seems to have made a world of difference in my bp, which is now consistently 125ish/60ish.

Have I mentioned how much I adore midwifery care?  And specifically my midwife?  She was here for about two hours this morning, not only doing my prenatal, but just shooting the shit.  You just can’t get that from an OB.

In other news, my current condition has sparked curiosity from Lilah, age 5, about exactly how babies get in mommies’ tummies.  She’s been asking for a couple of days and I’ve stalled her until I couldn’t stall her anymore.  Dammit, why do I always get stuck with these conversations?

Here’s a recap from about a half hour ago:

Lilah:  Mommy, you promised this morning that you would tell me after school how babies get into mommies’ tummies.  Now will you tell me?

Me:  Um, yes, well.  Okay.  So, when boys and girls are GROWNUPS, and when they love each other very much, sometimes they show each other that they love each other by laying very close together.  And . . . ahem . . . well, a part of the man’s body fits inside a part of the woman’s body.  [Sigh.]  And . . . er, well . . . um, and then sometimes that makes a baby start growing in the mommy’s tummy.

Lilah [very seriously]:  But only girls can grow babies, right?  How come?

Me:  Well, um . . . because only girls have the right parts to grow a baby.

Lilah:  But boys have the right parts to make a baby, right?!

Me:  Right.  Now, how about some ice cream?



I had my first prenatal visit with my midwife yesterday – for this pregnancy, anyway.  If all goes well, this will be the third of my babies she will deliver right here in my home sweet home.

It was fairly uneventful – vitals checked, blood drawn, cup peed in, lots of talking.  My blood pressure is a concern.  It’s been somewhat of an issue in past pregnancies; I went into pre-eclampsia with the twins, but was able to keep it under control during my two subsequent pregnancies with diet and supplements.  However, back in December of last year I was diagnosed with chronic hypertension – really no surprise, as it runs in the fam, and I’m well into my 40s now.  So my GP played around with a couple different meds and finally got my bp down to a safe level, and BAM, I got myself in this here fix.  So we had to change the meds again to something deemed safe to take during pregnancy.  Not sure it’s as effective as the meds I was on before.  My bp is under control for the time being, but there is a concern that pregnancy could cause it to elevate to an unsafe level at some point, which would preclude my having a home birth.  The possibility of which makes me very, very sad.  Of course I will not jeopardize my own or the baby’s well-being, but I want another home birth with all my heart.  Which may be hard for a lot of people to understand.

I won’t bore you with a detailed accounting of the entire appointment, but I guess I want to use my being in the … ahem … family way again as an opportunity to talk about how awesome midwifery care is (and I’ve done the whole OB/hospital thing, so I think I can make some pretty objective comparisons).

Although most of my appointments will take place here at home, I will occasionally have to go to her office like I did yesterday, and her office is very homey.  It’s been quite a while since I had seen her, and when Michael and I walked in, it was like walking into the arms (literally) of a dear friend – which she is.  She’s not only been our midwife, but really a true friend during some very dark, difficult times, like when Finn was in the NICU after his birth, and when Michael was going through cancer treatment.  She’s a peach.

She spent well over an hour with us, which is how all prenatal appointments go with her.  Never a rush, always lots of time to talk about whatever’s on my mind.  And after the appointment, she, Michael and I went to lunch together.

How many people have that kind of relationship with their OB?

So in a few weeks I’ll have an ultrasound to figure out exactly what’s going on in there.

In the meantime, I’ll try to come up with some other topics to post about.  Maybe a good religion rant . . .